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Omolola Adekoya

  • Experience year(s) of Experience
  • EducationMSW
  • ExpertiseAnxiety, Depression, PTSD
Visit Schedule:4pm to 9pm

Are you waking up each day feeling like you’re navigating a labyrinth, surrounded by walls of worry and uncertainty? Do you feel like you’re carrying a heavy burden, each step heavier than the last, as you struggle to find your way through the fog of anxiety and depression? It’s okay to admit that you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, and exhausted by the constant battle against your own thoughts and feelings.

I understand the deep-rooted pain of feeling trapped in a cycle of anxiety, much like being caught in a turbulent whirlpool, where every attempt to break free seems to only pull you deeper. It’s a weighty load to bear, and I recognize how it can feel like you’re walking through a storm, with thunderclouds of doubt and insecurity looming overhead. The ongoing struggle with self-doubt, self-worth, and identity can feel like a tangled knot, impossible to unravel without guidance.

But here’s the thing—you’re not alone in this journey. As a therapist specializing in treating anxiety, depression, and supporting individuals through life transitions such as divorce and parenthood, I’m here to offer you a steady hand to hold onto amidst the turbulence. Together, we can navigate these challenges, knowing that healing and growth are not just possibilities but achievable realities. We’ll use evidence-based techniques like a compass, guiding us towards clarity and understanding, even when the way forward seems unclear.

So let’s embark on this journey together, knowing that with each session, we’re moving closer to a place of healing and wholeness. By confronting your challenges head-on, we can uncover the strength and resilience that lies within you, like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. You are deserving of happiness, peace, and fulfillment—and I’m here to help you claim them for yourself, one step at a time.