Goals For Couples Therapy in Baltimore Counseling Center

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Introduction Of Couple Therapy.

Everyone will agree that conflicts between couples are common but damnable in today’s time. Couples often cannot stay together for long due to the friction or arguments. As a result, they lead themselves to unbearable mental distress, and if they have children or dependents, their future becomes uncertain.

Friction between couples is such a detrimental issue that it can turn a cheerful, lively, and energetic person into a chronically unhappy individual. It’s not just due to financial or physical problems but because of the mutual misunderstanding between the partners. However, it is not advisable to be overwhelmed or regretful about it. Through mental development, we can solve this problem.

Couple therapy can effectively contribute to mental development. It always enhances mental strength. Therefore, through counseling sessions, couple therapy enhances overall mental well-being by teaching distressed couples to understand each other better. Consequently, it promotes mutual love and empathy, improving mutual respect and understanding. Let’s explore the goals of couple therapy.

Goals For Couples Therapy.

The primary goal of couple therapy in brief, the primary goal of couple therapy is to enhance the relationship between partners. To achieve this, necessary plans for improving mental and, if necessary, physical conditions are developed and implemented. In short, couple therapy has the following goals :

  • ·         Improving Communication
  • ·         Resolving Conflict
  • ·         Rebuilding Trust
  • ·         Enhancing Relationship
  • ·         Strengthening Partnership
  • ·         Concentrating on Parenting Issues
  • ·         Managing Stress And External Pressures
  • ·         Exploring Individual Needs And Goals
  • ·         Building Resilience

Cost Of Couple Therapy.

A sweet relationship between the couple is precious. It is impossible to measure in units of money. Life can be enjoyable when there is a beautiful relationship within the couple. Conversely, despite having considerable wealth, one may suffer due to bitter relationships. Couple therapy can show you the path to a beautiful life. Couple therapy is not an expense; it is an investment. The dividend of this investment is a happy life.

In the US, the cost of therapy sessions with a therapist can range from $100 to $200 per session. However, the cost depends on the following factors.

Qualification Of The Therapist.

Many professionals in the field of mental health provide couple therapy. Among them, the foremost are psychologists or psychiatrists. Due to their higher degrees, experience, and licenses, therapy with them is more costly. Alternatively, certified marriage and family therapists may provide at a lower cost. They usually work with individuals, couples, or groups, providing counseling or psychotherapy. Social workers, also certified, can provide counseling services or legal assistance at a lower cost.

Location Of Therapy.

It is a common phenomenon that therapy costs vary in urban areas compared to rural areas. The cost of therapy in urban areas is higher because the cost of living is higher, and there is a greater demand in cities. Therefore, therapy costs in urban areas are higher than in rural areas.

Mode Of Therapy.

Couple therapy has various modes. Private consultancy or consultancy centers are like businesses. Therefore, they charge higher fees. On the other hand, community clinics and hospitals are nonprofit organizations. They can provide the therapy at a lower cost here.

Duration Of Couple Therapy.

The standard time for couple therapy is 45 to 60 minutes. However, in cases of specific problems, it may take more time to diagnose and provide solutions, and it can go up to 90 minutes. Longer therapy will cost more.

Insurance Facilities.

Many people have health insurance. In these cases, the insurance company arranges the medical facility for their treatment and covers the medical expenses. These insurance companies always try to provide medical benefits to their clients at a lower cost. They pay less to the doctors. Therefore, specialists and skilled doctors may not prefer to work under insurance. As a result, it may not be possible for patients to get therapy from a good doctor. So, sometimes these facilities may be a cause of inconvenience.

Couple Therapy Treatment Plan

I am mentioning some issues here that, if they occur, may require the implementation of couple therapy.

Reducing Communication.

If your partner reduces communication, and when you cannot resolve it through your efforts,  you need therapy. However, if one of the couples has hearing loss, one can reduce communication with the other.

Lack Of Mutual Trust:

A couple is an agreement of trust. If there is a lack of trust between the partners, it will never bring peace. Couple therapy enhances trust between partners, making their relationship stronger.

Lack Of Personal Or Familial Equality:

If there is a significant difference between a couple in terms of age, qualifications, skills, etc., or if there is a broad disparity in the educational qualifications, financial status, social norms, or values within their families, then there is a high possibility of conflict. The solution to these problems lies in mutual awareness.

Lack Of Participation In Decision-Making:

In some cases, one partner in a couple may exhibit more dominance or control over decision-making processes. As a result, there can be a conflict between the partners. Couple therapy can help by fostering mutual respect and assisting them through teaching mutual understanding.

Incompatibility In Parenting:

Due to the busy schedules of both partners, several issues may arise in parenting their children. Without a cooperative attitude, conflicts may occur between them. Couple therapy can enhance responsibility between both partners.

Sexual Disparity:

Sexual issues like sexual aversion, erectile dysfunction, masturbation, or mismatched libidos can lead to a rift between partners. Couples therapy can strengthen their sexual relationship through effective planning.

Excessive Emotion And Misunderstanding:

Misunderstanding each other can grow emotions, and it often leads to various critical situations. The only solution to these problems is mutual. Couple therapy can be very effective in this regard.

In summary, you need couple therapy if the mentioned problems make your relationship difficult.

Couple Therapy Provider.

Since couple therapy involves the psychological treatment of individuals, only a specific number of individuals are qualified to provide this therapy.

A psychologist is an expert in uncovering the human mind. He can uncover its intricacies and formulate treatment plans accordingly. With extensive experience in understanding human psychology, their therapy proves highly effective.

A psychiatrist focuses primarily on medication and possesses considerable skill in addressing issues related to couples therapy.

There are licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) who hold a master’s degree and have specialized training in marriage and family counseling.

Certified professional counselors (LPC) with specialized training typically work with individuals, couples, or groups, providing counseling or therapy sessions. Additionally, licensed social workers (LCSW) can offer consultation or legal assistance.

FAQ About Couple Therapy 

How does therapy improve my relationship?

The strength of a romantic relationship depends on mutual communication and healthy behavior from both parties. Couple therapy aids in improving mutual communication and behavior, thus fostering a more effective and pleasing relationship.

What if there’s no progress despite Couple therapy?

Couple therapy provides an outline for a loving and fulfilling life. Remember that a relationship begins with oneself. One can influence their partner positively through genuine and noble love that improves relationships.

My partner is not interested in therapy. What can I do?

The unwillingness towards therapy can stem from a variety of reasons, including misunderstandings about the therapy system or lack of knowledge about its specifics. If it stems from misconceptions, clarify the purpose and benefits of therapy.

Is therapy confidential?

Yes, since couple therapy is a subset of psychotherapy, it is confidential. Therapists always maintain the confidentiality of their client’s information.

What does couple therapy involve?

Typically, a therapist spends a specified amount of time discussing various aspects of their clients’ relationship and provides necessary guidance and paperwork for relationship improvement. He can also recommend some medicines if needed.

Can therapy solve my problems?

Couple therapy can assist in resolving family and social problems, friendship issues, mental health issues, and other personal problems. Although couples therapy cannot guarantee a complete solution to your problems, it can provide an effective prescription.

Couple Therapy Quotes

  • Mistakes can happen to anyone. Accept minor mistakes and fix major ones through discussion.
  • Two individuals are not from the same source; they are unique. Hence, acknowledging the differences in behavior is necessary for long-term progress.
  • Trust is a significant asset. Without it, love, peace, and everything may lost.
  •  Being together means respect, ensuring children’s safety, and everyone’s happiness.
  • Physical ailments, financial problems, mental stress—everything is possible to overcome, but the rearrangement of separation is not possible easily.


By bridging the distance between each other and leading a friendly life, couple therapy establishes happiness and peace first in the individual, then in the society and the state, and finally in this world.